Tank Cleaning

Zeta Energy was founded in 2016 to supply non-man entry crude tank cleaning services. Since then we have performed most challenging projects regardless of technical complexity, deadlines and weather conditions.

We have already cleaned over 1,000 storage tanks worldwide different sizes and types of fixed or floating roofs.

With our advanced tank cleaning technology, we provide extremely cost-effective tank cleaning and oil recovery services. This way we ensure our costumers’ tanks are taken out of use for a very short period of time.

Zeta Energy System is based on transformation of steam energy and operates in potentially hazardous zones. The system can be tailored to any customers’ needs and requirements. We also have a very considerable experience in cleaning of damaged tanks.

Zeta Energy System always proves its compliance with quality, health, safety & environmental standards of the clients and local governments worldwide.

advantages of zeta energy system

Proactivity in HSE:

  • Non-man entry. Operators do not need to enter the tank
  • No emission, no risk of explosion
  • No chemicals or additional crudes


  • Almost 100% of oil recovery
  • Damage free. Shell, roof, coating of tank remain intact
  • Time saving. Cleaning and recovery performed simultaneously, the process is several times shorter than any conventional method


  • Significant volumes of sludge treated
  • Minimal quantity of solid sediments
  • Complete neutralization of pyrophoric compounds
  • All-season. No weather restrictions
how can we help you?

Contact us at the Zeta Energy office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Zeta Energy is just one of the best tank cleaning and oil recovery experts in Ghana. I am very happy with the services they provided.

Priscilla Adjetey
Sales & Marketing, Zenoil LLC

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